Haven Village

When the average person thinks of retirement – many visualize an old-age home with dark rooms and narrow alleys! At Haven Village that is certainly not what awaits one.

Lovely, well-maintained gardens, beautifully built face-brick units, a sparkling blue swimming pool and top-class services – that is what Haven Village offers and more!

Located in a quiet neighbourhood in Pretoria East are 75 cottages ranging from one bedroom to three bedroom units. Haven Village has become the retirement centre of choice for those seeking something special at reasonable prices. Residents can enjoy splashing in the pool in summer, free shuttle services to the shops, entertainment on site as well as the peace of mind of having access to the Ken Drosté Frail Care facility located almost a stone’s throw away at Glenhaven Retirement Centre (also in Pretoria East). There is an on-site clinic for routine check-ups and a registered nurse on call for emergencies overnight or on weekends.

Facilities include: the community hall and library, weekly hairdresser visits, and free internet access! One meal a day can be ordered, and a 24-hour security guard keeps our residents safe.

For a touch of class and peace of mind – enquire about the affordable life-right or rental options today.