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About Glenhaven

Officially opened 35 years ago on Saturday 27 April 1985, the Glenhaven Retirement Centre was planned and founded by the Central Baptist Church Welfare Association (CEBACWAS). Glenhaven lies on the border of Faerie Glen and Garsfontein in Pretoria East, and is close to amenities such as the Faerie Glen medical centre, the post office, police station and five major shopping areas.

Glenhaven offers tranquil, high quality and affordable accommodation in a variety of housing facilities including one, two- or three-bedroom cottages and a selection of flats. Units are rented and sold on a life-rights basis without a profiteering motive.

If you want to retire in a safe, convenient and comfortable environment where your total well-being is taken into consideration - Glenhaven is the place for you!


Independent Living VS Assisted Living

Independent Living refers to residents that are able to fully take care of themselves and perform daily living activities without any assistance. The majority of residents at Glenhaven live independently.

However, Assisted Living is available to residents that require help with daily living activities. Glenhaven residents have preferential access to the Frail Care unit and assisted living can also be provided in their own homes.

Services provided will be determined by a DQ Assessment (Dependency Questionnaire), as required by law under the Older Persons Act, that assesses the condition and specific needs of each resident. Services can include (but are not limited to); bathing, bed-making, accompanying residents to meals, church services, scheduled doctor's appointments etc., cleaning services, laundry services, medication management, blood pressure measurements, medical visits, limited housekeeping tasks, etc.

Four sick bay beds are also reserved in the Frail Care Unit for Glenhaven and Haven Village residents.

Services Offered at Glenhaven

  • 24-hour security with effective access control
  • Panic button system
  • Internal safety communication system
  • Doctor’s consulting rooms
  • On-site clinic
  • Podiatrist
  • Audiologist
  • On-site church services & bible studies
  • Spiritual support
  • Balanced meals (special dietary requirements available on request)
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Hairdresser
  • Laundry facility
  • Cleaning services
  • Courtesy Shuttle services to shops
  • Shuttle service to doctors' appointments, dentist appointments etc. (charged per km)
  • Library
  • Bookshop
  • Mailboxes
  • Garden services
  • Maintenance services
  • Card Facility for Account Payments
  • Regular Entertainment
  • Guest room for visitors

Glenhaven offers integrated community living with a range of social activities to become a part of, such as:

  • Movies
  • Art Social Classes
  • Exercise Classes
  • Bird Watching
  • Knitting & Sewing Circle
  • Dominoes
  • Scrabble
  • Bingo
  • Bridge
  • White Elephant & Clothing Store
  • Weekly Chat Sessions

Glenhaven Accommodation

A range of accommodation, including bachelor and one bedroom flats, that can be rented directly from CEBACWAS, as well as one to three Bedroom cottages that are sold on a life rights basis (meaning that you purchase the right to live in a unit for the remainder of your, or your spouses, life) are available at this Retirement Centre. Units are North-facing and ground-floor units offer a garden and patio.

When purchasing life rights, unit prices may vary between R570 000 and R1 350 000 depending on the unit size.

Cottage rental opportunities (one to three bedroom cottages) also become available from time to time through Life Right Owners (adhering to the CEBACWAS regulations).

Bachelor 1
Bachelor 2
Bachelor 3
Bachelor 4 Bachelor 5
Bachelor 6
Bachelor 7

Standard Upgraded Bachelor Unit

Unit Upgrades and Refurbishments

All units at Glenhaven Retirement Centre are required to uphold a certain standard before being sold or rented out. As such, when you purchase a unit at Glenhaven, depending on how recent it was upgraded, the unit will be upgraded to our specifications. You will have your own choice of tiles and/or carpets, paint colours etc. You can create your perfect home for all the comfort you need in your retirement.

CEBACWAS Rental Units are also upgraded to our standard – providing you with a modern, clean-cut design perfect for every-day living!

When rental units are still in a good condition when occupation changes, units will be refurbished to maintain the CEBACWAS standard.

Glenhaven Pricing

For detailed information on our pricing structure, please complete the below form:

* pricing information will immediatly be sent to you upon submitting the form

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, at both Glenhaven and Haven Village Retirement Centres we have a waiting list for all units, rental and sales.

To place your name on our waiting list, you can simply complete our online application form here, as well as submit 3 months' bank statements and a recommendation letter from your church. As soon as Glenhaven receives the application, it will be submitted for approval, after which you will be contacted and added to the waiting list according to your application date.

We estimate the waiting period to be 2 - 5 years. Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide an accurate time-frame, as vacancies depend on the circumstances of our current residents.

Yes, in order to remain on our waiting list there is a fee per annum, currently R160.

A Dependency Questionnaire Assessment (DQ) is an assessment, required by law under the Older Persons Act, done by our Matron, to determine whether you are capable of taking care of yourself, or to determine the amount and type of care residents require.

The Assessment consists of a few tasks and tests to determine your capabilities. All residents moving into our Retirement Centres are required to complete a DQ Assessment before occupation can commence.

No. When we inform you of available units, you are welcome to decline and remain on our list until another unit becomes available.

Getting a Garage or Carport will depend on whether you're planning to purchase or rent a unit. When purchasing a cottage, a garage or carport has likely already been allocated to the unit and will be sold along with the unit.

However, if you'd like to rent a CEBACWAS unit, renting a garage or carport is also possible, depending on availability. Should no garage or carport be available, you can still park your vehicle safely within the centre guarded by 24-hour security.

Units only offer parking for one vehicle. However, you are welcome to park your second vehicle in the centre (depending on available space), or rent a second garage or carport if available. Unit space dependent.

When renting a unit, everything is included in the monthly rental amount, with the exception of electricity and meals, as these are factors that are subject to change from month to month.

Levies include the general upkeep of common areas, rates and taxes, security and water. Levies exclude electricity and meals.

Yes, we have 8 compulsory meals per unit.

All residents, their visitors, and Service Members have the option to purchase meal tickets (apart from the 8 compulsory meals for all new residents), or to add meals to their Glenhaven Account. However, in order to attend a meal in the dining hall, meal bookings have to be made in advance.

Meals must be booked at Main Reception by 10:00, one day in advance. Meals for weekends and Mondays must be booked by 12:00 on a Friday.

Lunch is served in the dining hall; however, you have the option to book for Room Service at an extra cost. Breakfast is served either in the dining hall or as Take Away, and Dinner is only available as a Take Away. The option to collect your food as a Take Away in your own container is also available.

Special dietary needs are taken into consideration and can be discussed with our kitchen staff to ensure your requirements are met.

Yes. Should you decide to sell your unit, the unit will revert back to CEBACWAS to sell. For more information on the Sale process, please contact us on 012 348 8858.

If you purchased the Life Rights to a unit and the time comes for you to move to our Frail Care Facilities, you will have the option to either sell your unit back to CEBACWAS or rent out your unit for an income.

Should you pass away, your unit will revert back to CEBACWAS to sell, after which the life right pay-out will be made to your estate.

Unfortunately, not. Only pets related to medical conditions will be considered; i.e. guide dogs.

All residents receive a panic button upon taking occupation of a unit. Should you have a medical emergency at night, simply press your panic button and our 24-hour Frail Care service will respond and assist.

Information to be updated on a regular basis.