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About our Frail Care Unit

Our Frail Care Unit was founded in 1985, and expanded in 2005 in order to provide 24-hour, first-class care facilities for up to 63 frail residents. We cater for those either physically or mentally as well as respite care.

We are dedicated to helping residents achieve and maintain healthy lives and restoring health and wellness to optimum attainable levels. We are recognized for maintaining the health of our residents through a caring ethos, best practice standards and in-service training of all staff members to ensure competency.

Our facility is Christian based and honour ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, justice, fairness, truth-telling and confidentiality - all integrated into our provision of nursing care.

Frail Care Unit

When is Frail Care required?

Frail Care is to be considered when an elderly person is no longer capable of performing daily living activities such as eating, moving about and taking care of their personal hygiene. Such an individual is in need of 24-hour care.

Services Offered in Frail Care

  • Assistance with daily living activities
  • All meals and refreshments per day
  • Holistic nursing care including the ordering and administration of medications
  • Medical care including weekly doctor's visits as needed
  • On-site doctor’s consulting room
  • Basic care including cleaning, laundry and personal care
  • Podiatrist
  • Audiologist
  • Hairdresser
  • Chaplain's visits and other spiritual care
  • Bible study groups
  • Social activities

Frail Care Accommodation

There is a range of accommodation and levels of care including private en-suite rooms. Room options include:

NOTE: Furniture in photos were provided by residents and is not included.

Frail Care Pricing

For detailed information on our pricing structure, please complete the below form:

* pricing information will immediatly be sent to you upon submitting the form

Frequently Asked Questions

When an elderly person requires assistance with daily living activities, Assisted Living is recommended. When an elderly person is no longer able to perform daily living activities, even with assistance, Frail care is recommended, where daily living activities are performed for the individual.

Our prices differ according to the type of room and care required. Costs can range from approximately R13 500 to approximately R20 000 depending on an individual's specific needs. For detailed information on our pricing structure, please complete our pricing request form.

Our Frail Care tariff includes:

  • Rental of Accommodation Required
  • 24-hour Care
  • Three meals per day as well as refreshments (special diets will be made available upon receiving a written request from the treating doctor or dietician)
  • Cleaning of room
  • Laundry

Our tariff for Frail Care does not include:

  • Adult incontinence products and consumables,
  • Rental and usage of oxygenators from the Glenhaven Care Unit (electricity consumption will also be charged separately for use of oxygenators),
  • Transport to Medical Facilities,
  • Collection of scripts or medication for State patients,
  • Services from external service providers such as the Hairdresser or Podiatrist,
  • Doctor Consultations and treatment by Physiotherapists

Unfortunately, as it truly depends on the circumstances of our residents, it is near impossible to accurately predict. It is best to contact our Frail Care Unit directly if a room is urgently needed to check availability.

To Apply, we require the following documents to be completed:

  • Application Form (can be completed here)
  • Medical Report
  • Chronic Medication Blister Packaging Application Form
  • Emergency Information Form
  • Mapping your Pathway Form
  • Letter of Recommendation form church
  • ID Document/Card
  • Medical Aid Card

A Checklist can also be provided for your convenience to assist in completing all the necessary documentation. All forms are available at our Frail Care Unit, or can be requested via email at

Upon completion of the online application form, an email will also be sent to you with further instructions.

A Dependency Questionnaire Assessment (DQ) is an assessment, required by law under the Older Persons Act, done by our Matron, to determine whether you are capable of taking care of yourself, or to determine the amount and type of care residents require.

The Assessment consists of a few tasks and tests to determine your capabilities. All residents moving into our Retirement Centres or new residents submitted to Frail Care, are required to complete a DQ Assessment before occupation can commence.

On admission to the Frail Care unit, all medication is to be handed to the Sister-on-duty, immediately. No resident in the Care Unit, or family member of the resident, is allowed to control or administer his or her own medicine.

Medication is managed by a pharmacy assistant that handles the day-to-ay medication of all Care Unit residents. Medication is blister packed by a pharmacy, Monday to Sunday, and sent to the pharmacy assistant.

Our professional staff hands out the medication as prescribed from the blister packs, and also arranges for 6-monthly repeat scripts. The Pharmacy assistant will then send out the scripts and receive the medication accordingly.

If our blister packaging pharmacy is not the sole provider of a resident’s medication, the pharmacy assistant will send out the scripts accordingly, and redistribute the medication to our blister pharmacy for packaging, upon receipt.

The Care Unit is equipped with call buttons for assistance in all areas. There are also always care-givers in the passageways that visits all rooms on a regular basis.

If assistance with a fall is needed, our professional staff will assess the situations, contact the paramedics (if necessary), and inform the emergency contact of the resident.

Upon return to the care unit after hospitalisation (if it was required), the resident will be classified as a fall risk, in order to notify the staff of the risks involved with the resident.

  • Library
  • Recreational Therapy (hobbies class)
  • Tea (twice daily)
  • Lounge area with TV and DSTV
  • Private garden for relaxation
  • Option to join Glenhaven social activities

Family members are encouraged to accompany and take residents to the hospital (or any other appointment outside the care unit). It is also the responsibility of the residents' family to ensure that the hospital staff or treating doctor send a proper care regime back to the care unit.

If the family is unable to take the resident to the hospital (or outside appointment), the care unit will be able to provide transport. The cost will be charged to the residents account. It can also be arranged that a nurse accompany the resident to a surgery for a fee.

In case of an emergency, an ambulance service can be arranged for the resident.

Residents are welcome to decorate the room to their taste, or if preferred, we will supply available furniture, that is a hospital bed and a bedside locker.

When moving into a single room, residents can bring their own televisions, for which a DSTV connection can be arranged. Radio's and/or music players are also welcome.

Of course, the Frail Care Staff should just be informed. There is a 'Going Away' book that residents are required to sign, in order for the Frail Care staff to know how long the resident will be away, where and with whom they are, and when they will be returning, in order for the care unit to make necessary day-to-day arrangements such as cancel the resident's meals, and to ensure everything is in place for their return.

No. Visitors are always welcome, we simply ask that you take the residents into account when planning your visits, and do so at reasonable hours.

Information to be updated on a regular basis.