Best Value Retirement Centre's in Pretoria East

Moving to Glenhaven was the best decision I've ever made! I have a wonderful home, live amongst kind people and am living my best life in a place where everyone cares! If I knew living at Glenhaven would be like this, I would have made the decision to come here years before I did! It’s a great place to call home

– Dina Harding, Glenhaven Resident

About Us

In November 1980 the Central Baptist Church Welfare Association (CEBACWAS) was formed to plan and provide care for the aged. The first of our residential centres for seniors was Glenhaven Retirement Centre - a village on 3.3 hectares comprising 95 cottages and 59 flats. This lovely retirement centre in the east of Pretoria has become recognized as one of the best value for money retirement centres in Pretoria, whilst providing top-class services. CEBACWAS seeks to establish a Christian, caring and affordable environment for our elderly residents.

Glenhaven was one of the first retirement centres in South Africa to combine the three categories of facilities for the elderly, namely Independent Living within the Retirement Centre, Assisted Living and Frail Care. An Alzheimer's and Dementia unit has subsequently been added. The cottages can either be rented or bought on a 'life rights' basis. The flats are available for rental and there is a service centre providing meals and other services to the aged inside, and outside of, Glenhaven.

CEBACWAS also provides the management services to Haven Village Retirement Centre - an upmarket retirement village in the east of Pretoria. The main aim of CEBACWAS is to provide holistic care, i.e. spiritual, physical and emotional care, in a comfortable, safe and affordable environment.

We are a non-profit organisation. As such, any donations are tax deductible and will be used for the Good Samaritan Fund to care for needy residents.

Apply to Glenhaven or Haven Village and have your name added to our waiting list for when you're ready to take the next step in your retirement!